Narcos vs. The Colombia I Know

Welcome to my Colombia!!!   Wait. Let’s start from the beginning. So I’ve been watching Narcos lately. I’m way behind, only about halfway through season two. I have to watch it in small doses, because the Wagner Moura’s paisa accent is terrible and drives me up a wall. Well, a lot of the fake Colombian accents get on my nerves….

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Nashville Spotlight: Centennial Park

One of my goals when I first moved to Nashville was to make sure I made the most of my time and did my best to explore the city. It’s so easy to get caught up in a routine, going to the same bars, same coffee shops and taking walks in the same places. I’ve lived enough places to know…

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Where to Stay in Clarksville: Riverview Inn

Alright guys. As you know, I’ve ventured over to Clarksville twice in the past few months in an effort to explore more of Middle Tennessee. My first trip was a quick day trip, taking advantage of nice weather to stroll around downtown. My second trip was basically a food adventure, where Michelle and I made our best attempt to eat…

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